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Share in our purpose and see the world through the lens of better.

Would you like to work side-by-side with the entrepreneurs, game-changers, disrupters and visionaries of tomorrow? At EY, you can.

Just imagine every day you could play a part in the rise and success of the world’s greatest companies, as well as maintain the foundations of economic stability and growth. By helping the best in the business to innovate, you’ll be building on their legacy and creating a better working world.

At EY we’ll encourage you to do all this and more. Here the scale of your impact is matched only by the scope of your ambition. We’ll help you to develop the mindsets to ask and answer the most challenging questions posed by unrelenting disruption and unlimited innovation. You’ll have access to on-demand learning, formal training, coaching and real time feedback to shape your career and prepare you for the future.

Whether your future lies in Assurance, Tax, Transactions or Advisory, we’ll provide the learning, experiences and coaching you need to become a successful professional.

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The EY Difference

Drawing on everyone’s strengths.

Every one of us is different and at EY we value and respect individual differences and the diversity of thought that they bring. Across EY Oceania, we continue to work hard to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, ability or cultural background they have.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive environment, one where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and this is championed at every level of the organisation from senior leadership through to our employee networks which are founded and managed by our people. The networks allow colleagues to connect with those of similar origin, ethnicity, religion, background or family. The network groups are open to everyone who wants to find out more, show their support and celebrate the diversity we have at EY. Examples of these and how we champion diversity at EY are included below:

Our employee Gender Network for EY people of all genders provides opportunities for its members to learn and expand their networks by engaging with different perspectives on gender in the workplace. By bringing everyone into the conversation, this network aims to further progress gender equality in the workplace. For the past 15 years, we have successfully retained the accolade of WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender and are proud of our focussed attention in bringing the gender pay gap down to less than 1%.

Ability EY, our network for those living with, caring for or allies of those with a disability aims to elevate disability inclusion and ensure accessibility in the EY workplace in order to recognise the contribution that all of our people can bring to the world. We are proud at EY to be one of the 4% of companies globally who include disability in our diversity agenda (World Economic Forum 2019) and one of the first companies to sign up to the Valuable 500. In 2017 we launched our first Access and Inclusion Plan outlining our ongoing commitment to disability inclusion for our people and clients.

Our global network group Unity, is for our LGBTI people and their straight allies and aims to create a sustainable, inclusive culture where LGBTI individuals at EY can be their authentic selves at work.

This remains a core focus of our D&I strategy, we have maintained Gold Employer recognition for three successive years and we were named the 2018 Employer of the Year for LGBTI Inclusion through the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI).

CD@EY, our largest cultural diversity network which supports our culturally diverse leaders and emerging leaders to realise their potential, and to foster two-way dialogue and knowledge sharing between professionals of different heritages and faiths. Last year, our Cultural Diversity mentoring program, paired 232 culturally diverse individuals across 9 difference cities across Oceania with leaders to explore career and development opportunities. 

EY people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander are supported by their employee network, as well as by our Cultural Safety Empowerment Manger. The Bama Gala committee creates opportunities to engage and inform all EY staff on the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our focus on diversity and inclusiveness is integral to how we serve our clients, develop our people and play a leadership role in our communities. By enabling our people to bring their whole selves to work, sets EY apart from our competitors and attracts and retains our talent.

Your exceptional EY experience begins here.

Cadet Program

Do you want to take a more exciting path? As a cadet, you’ll accelerate your development as you combine work with study and get the best of both worlds. Always learning and reaching higher, you’ll be the centre of a supportive team, working on client projects, gaining help with your studies and enjoying a great social life too. Transform your energy into opportunity and by the time you graduate, you’ll be streaks ahead of your peers.

Game Changers Club

You know there’s more to studying than just understanding theory. It’s never too early to look beyond the theory and start exploring how your skills could build into a career. As a member of our Game Changers Club, you’ll be invited to attend events throughout the year. You’ll network with

business leaders and EY professionals who’ll share insights and stories about the decisions they’ve made in their careers.

Career Compass Program

Discover a new direction with our Career Compass Program. During our structured learning sessions you’ll learn how to evaluate your career options to make smarter decisions for your future. The Career Compass Program experience is designed to give you a first hand experience of EY, so you can find out as much about us as possible: our people, our culture, how we do business, how we operate and most importantly, how we can help you to create your future. Demonstrate that you’re a high achiever and you may be invited to interview for our Vacationer Program. 

Vacationer Program

A vacationer position at EY can offer you a better head start. You’ll get real work, real clients and real experiences — now. Explore your interests, plus learn business skills, gain hands-on work experience and receive world-class training. You’ll be able to get a sense of our culture and values, and clarity about the type of career you’d like to shape. Plus, the best bit is, if you impress us we’ll offer you a permanent position after you graduate.

Graduate Program

Join us full-time after graduation and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your career goals. We’ll propel you forward — so you can start to build the future you want immediately. You can enjoy early responsibility, expand your network and build your skills. Just imagine the confidence you’ll gain through new experiences with leading clients in different industries. You’ll get to work with experienced professionals who’ll guide you to be your best. After all, we want to help you be the best you can be, because when you shine, we do too.

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