Annual Dinner 2019

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About Annual Dinner

Celebration of achievement of women in industry

The Annual Dinner is Capital W’s flagship event, where attendees gain valuable insight into a wide range of industries, meet like-minded individuals and are inspired by the experiences of female business leaders, with a keynote address from our prominent guest speaker. Additionally, students are able to network with representatives from our sponsor firms over canapés and a two course meal. Students are provided the opportunity to rotate between two sponsor tables of their preference, for main course and dessert. 

This year’s theme, ‘She Means Business’, celebrates the achievement of women in industry, inspiring women to ascertain opportunities today and encouraging women to continue to take meaningful and transformative action in the workplace. 

About Our Keynote Speaker

Deanne Stewart

As a UNSW alumni, Deanne went on to acquire an MBA from the Yale School of Management as a Fulbright Scholar and now has over 20 years of leadership experience in financial services in the superannuation and insurance sectors. 

Deanne served as Chief Executive Officer of MetLife Australia and previously held senior roles with BT Financial Group, Merrill Lynch Investment Management in New York and McKinsey & Company in London where she led her team to deliver faster, easier and a more caring insurance experience. She currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at First State Super.



Sponsor Prizes

Some of our sponsors generously offered prizes for the Annual Dinner.

Students who were interested in the chance to be selected for any of the prizes below completed written responses. The best answer for each question was selected and the winners were announced on the night. 

Company: Citi
Prize: Coffee meeting with a female banker in Investment Banking
Question: How would you innovate the intern selection process to make it more engaging for students?

Company: Credit Suisse
Prize: Coffee or lunch with Senior Leader
Question: We have seen a number of disruptive platforms with Uber, Expedia etc. Which traditional sector is the most susceptible to disruption from technology and why?

Company: Deutsche Bank
Prize: Coffee catch up
Question: In what ways can businesses innovate to stay-ahead of digital disruptions and how will this enable them to be successful? Overview an organisation that has been successful in achieving this.

Company: Goldman Sachs
Prize: A resume review with the winner’s choice of division
Question: How do you think women can support women in the workforce?

Company: Luminis Partners
Prize: Lunch with two members of the Luminis Team
Question: If you could join the board of any ASX 200 listed company, which board would you pick and why?

Company: Macquarie
Prize: Lunch with a Macquarie Capital Director 
Question: We can expect to see significant transformation to risk functions in Investment Banking over the next decade. What will it look like in 2025?

Company: PwC
Prize: Coffee catch up with a PwC representative
Question: How can PwC innovate using the latest technological trends and advances, to stay-ahead of digital disruptions and how will this enable them to be successful?

Company: Morgan Stanley
Prize: Coffee with a female executive director/vice-president in investment banking 
Question: What is the industry that you expect will be most disrupted by technology ? How and why?

Company: Nomura
Prize: Lunch with 2 Investment Bankers and a separate HR catch up
Question: How will the continuing growth and emergence of the economies of China and India impact Australian companies?

Company: Quantium
Prize: Coffee with the winner’s choice of a Senior Analyst/Consultant/Engineer
Question: In your opinion, what can schools/society do to make mathematics more appealing to young women as this is a precursor to women studying STEM at University?

Company: Westpac
Prize: 1-hour coffee catch up with a Financial Markets Director at Westpac
Question: Which female leader, entrepreneur or innovator do you find most inspiring and why?

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