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2018 Executives

Ashley Chen

How has Capital W helped you to develop as a woman in business?
Capital W put me in touch with ambitious and accomplished women whom I could not only look up to but also receive support from to attain my career goals. By first attending Capital W’s First Year Social, then joining the team as a subcommittee member, I met amazingly supportive women in the Capital W network who pushed me to persevere whenever I started to doubt myself. Through Capital W’s events, I met people from a range of industries. Being able to hear about their experiences and perspectives never failed to inspire me, develop my personal goals, and instil me with valuable commercial knowledge. Through this journey, I’ve bolstered my professional skills and acquired an understanding of different industries that makes me confident to pursue a fulfilling career.

Lily Zhang

Why did you choose to join Capital W? What prompted you to join the executive team?
First impressions matter. I had aspirations to join Capital W after attending the High School Workshop (nearly 4 years ago). It was the executive team of young leaders who displayed an unprecedented level of charisma and drive, paired with the enjoyable fast-paced nature of solving a real-life business case with mentors across leading organisations that compelled me to join Capital W. Fast forward to today and the decade-long legacy hasn't changed. I work alongside some of the strongest and most driven women I have met and the discoveries and opportunities I have experienced with this team have been far-reaching. It motivates me to hear how our members focus on a vision to empower not only themselves but women across all disciplines to become the next generation of business leaders.

Henrietta Chui

What do you find the most rewarding about being in Capital W?
Being in Capital W is rewarding and inspiring and extends beyond professional development. I have met kind, driven and hard-working women, been given unique ownership of projects and I have had so much fun in the process.

In one of my favourite books, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg states, “Motivation comes from working on things we care about. It also comes from working with people we care about.” and I have found that to be resoundingly true during my time at CapW.

Karuna Narang

What is your favourite Capital W event and why?
My favourite Capital W event is most definitely our International Women’s Day Breakfast! This event is held in collaboration with UTS’s Women in Business, USYD’s Network of Women and Macquarie’s Women Entering Business. It’s a wonderful way to both acknowledge challenges for women in the workplace but also, to celebrate their achievements.

For me, it’s the energy buzzing around in the room that completely enhances the networking portion of the event. The discussion on the guest panel is always so thought-provoking and I always leave feeling quite inspired by what has been said. It is most definitely a breakfast worth attending!

Vidhi Nanda

What have you gained from joining Capital W?
After joining Capital W in my first year, I have gained a great support network of passionate and driven young women who are all willing to support your University career and professional development. By attending Capital W’s networking events and hearing from a number of esteemed panellists, particularly at our International Women’s Day Breakfast and Annual Dinner, I have also gained a deeper insight into the progress women have made in the workplace but also the number of challenges they still face – and being able to address this issue and work towards equality is truly a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Emily Baita

What is your favourite thing about being on the Capital W team?
My favourite thing about being on the capital W team has to be the awesome girls I get to work with! Through our weekly meetings, bonding events, mentoring and team project work we have developed a strong bond. Always laughing when I’m working with the Capital W team!

Stephanie Xu

Who has been a major influencer in your life, and what way have they influenced you?
My mum has played a major role in shaping my moral compass and every day instils in me the importance of being accountable for what you do and who you are, as well as to treat everyone with respect, no matter who they are. She also studied, and worked, while raising us, and inspires me to not just work harder but to look after myself and to seek balance in my life.

Patricia Argeseanu

What advice do you have for first years who aren’t too sure of what direction they want to go?
When you’re just starting University the array of career paths that you can take can be quite confronting, so I highly recommend getting involved in a few societies that grab your interest! This will provide you with exposure to a wide variety of events and workshops that cover different industries and roles such as Consulting or Investment Banking, whilst allowing you to do so in a friendly, student-run environment.

Kirsten Hetherington

What advice would you give to a first year?
During those first couple weeks at university I was personally extremely overwhelmed by the endless opportunities and exciting events which UNSW had to offer. The main advice I received was to give everything a go and get involved. This is definitely some fantastic advice although I’d like to add to that the importance of picking as a couple things you are truly interested in trying out. I think it is a little too easy to sign up for a whole array of opportunities yet not be able to truly commit or experience them because you’ve got too much going on. So pick a couple exciting things and have a blast!

Yu Ann Chin

How do you make the most out of your time in uni?
I maximise what I get out of uni by setting goals and planning out important events ahead of time. It’s easy to get bogged down with work and study once semester starts so knowing what things need to be done and when is super helpful. Getting involved beyond the classroom is also a great way to capitalise on what you’re learning, apply it in new ways and meet new people.

Carolyn Tran

What made you choose your specific degree?
I chose to study Commerce (International) because I was interested in studying both business units and international relations. I also liked the idea that a one year exchange is embedded within my degree as I’ve always wanted to study overseas to experience new cultures and meet people. I think this degree is the perfect springboard to my desired career within an international firm or a Government department.

Angela Su

What are your goals for 2018?
Since this year is my final year of uni, my goal is to make the most of my university experience by being involved in as many things as possible before I start working full-time. There are so many things that you can only experience while you are at uni, such as being involved in societies, studying with friends, and balancing your hectic work/uni/social life. Therefore, my goal is to experience these things one last time so that I can leave uni without any regrets.

Caitlan Howle

What is your favourite thing about being on the Capital W team?
Being part of the Capital W team has given me endless opportunities to develop professionally and gain increasingly valuable soft skills and corporate experiences. I truly enjoy being heavily involved in an organisation that strives to motivate and inspire women to pursue any career they desire. Additionally, I am so fortunate to work alongside like-minded women who are passionate and driven to achieve their career goals.

Valerie Tran

Why do you think it is important to have a society on campus primarily dedicated to encouraging females in business?
Having a society run by a dedicated and driven group of students which represents the empowerment of females in the workplace, particularly in the field of business, is important in raising awareness of the opportunities available to female students, as well as bolstering and creating a sense of community at UNSW. Females encouraging females, being their mentors and support networks is invaluable to the development of the student – Capital W facilitates this, ultimately pushing undergraduate girls to pursue and succeed their field of choice.

2018 Subcommittee

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What is your vision for the future of Women in Business?

I hope that businesses will be an environment where job opportunities are not contingent on gender, and women are able to thrive alongside men. I envision a future where women are not afraid to stand up for themselves when experiencing inequality in the workplace, and are able to lead businesses with confidence and passion.

Who is an inspiring female figure you look up to? 

Malala Yousafzai epitomises what it means to be an fearlessly capable woman in the twenty-first century. She survived an assassination attempt at age 15 for speaking out publicly against the Taliban’s prohibition on the education of girls. Her commitment to campaigning for education, equality and peace for every child everywhere sets her apart as an inspiration for us all.

What compelled you to join Capital W? 

Capital W’s supportive and female-focused culture provides members with a warm environment where they can have fun and grow as businesswomen. Practical programs and events with admirable sponsors also enables its members to build their network and business acumen in order to gain a competitive edge in the workforce.

Which Capital W Event are you most excited for and  why? 

The Annual Dinner is the Capital W event I’m most excited for as it is an amazing opportunity to network with an incredible range of successful women, while hearing inspiring stories and of course eating amazing food.

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IT Portfolio

What do you hope to gain out of your role in Capital W? 

The main reasons why I joined Capital W were to expand my network, build my soft skills and gain the confidence to succeed. I hope to take an active role in promoting our events as a member of the Marketing Portfolio, and contribute towards providing other motivated female business students with the opportunities to achieve their professional goals.

How does Capital W differ from other societies? 

Capital W’s supportive and female-focused culture provides members with a warm environment where they can have fun and grow as businesswomen. Practical programs and events with admirable sponsors also enables its members to build their network and business acumen in order to gain a competitive edge in the workforce.

If you were a Microsoft application, which one would you be and why? 

I would be Microsoft Excel because I love organising and planning anything! I love writing out timetables, planning my life, making graphs for random things and making everything neat. Like excel's little boxes, I see myself as a very successful compartmentaliser of the different aspects of my life. 

What are some bucket list items you have? 

One of the top pick is to call another city home. It is a wholistic experience and amazing opportunity to know the city in depth. As an avid traveller, I would love to experience the cultural past and current work lifestyles and of course the local cuisines on offer.

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Commerce/Computer Science

Why do you think it is important to engage in non-academic activities whilst at university? 

In my daunting first year at university I did not realise the multitude of opportunities available. I allocated a large amount of my energy to becoming academically successful. However, engaging in non-academic activities such as joining a society, entering a competition and attending social events has been extremely rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to practice the soft skills which are highly sought out by employers, as well as gives you a healthy balance between work and play!

What do you aim to achieve this year? 

I’m looking to expand my horizons. I hope to make more friendships, be involved in university life, and be more certain on which career path I want to take in the future. I aim to do my best in everything I do, and achieve both happiness and success.

What could you give a 40 minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation? 

I can give a 40 minute (or even more!) presentation on milk tea! It’s definitely an essential for me and I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve convinced many of my friends to love it! Ask me about the best tea and topping combinations and you won’t be disappointed!


What is your guilty pleasure? 

I love watching study/productivity channels on Youtube. I have always enjoyed learning about learning. While seeing how different successful students approach their academics is inspiring, I often end up procrastinating by watching their videos on productivity.